Think theology has no place in pop music? “Prayer in C” by Lilly Wood & The Prick has got a lot of theological argument in its lyrics, and it’s mainly anti-theological.

[I’d post the original music video, but it contains nudity. You’re welcome to find it, but, if you are averse to butts, skip 2:30-2:40.]

Like the name suggests, the song is a prayer in the key of C. And it’s directed at God. ( suggests that the “Yah” at the beginning of the song sends it towards the Judeo-Christian God specifically.)

The song complains that God has been absent from the world and suggests that He probably couldn’t even forgive Himself for what He’s let happen.

Lilly Wood & the Prick, photo 4“The Meaning”

The song begins with the mysterious “Yah” or “Yeah”–Israeli-French accents make it difficult to tell. Many listeners theorize that this is a shortened version of “Yahweh,” making this song most relevant to a Jewish or Christian audience.

Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto, the two bandmates, sing that God “didn’t send . . . no letter” and that “the world is slowly dying.” They question whether they can forgive Him for abandoning them and the world–a theme that continues throughout the song.

In the next stanza, they continue with “Our hands will get more wrinkled / And our hair will be grey.” As they grow older, they will continue to feel abandoned. They believe God has left them alone and that things will continue to get worse as they near death, but they will remain insistent on not believing in Him.

Lilly Wood & the Prick, photo 3In the next stanza, they continue to list God’s “wrongs,” mentioning starving children and destroyed homes. Here, they conclude that the children won’t forgive God either.

When they mention “when seas will cover lands / and when men will be no more,” they’re making an apocalyptic reference indicating that they see the world slowly becoming a worse place.

The most interesting (and perhaps unique) part of the song comes in the next stanza: “Yah, when there’ll just be silence / And when life will be over / Don’t think you will forgive you.” Hadida and Cotto believe that even God will feel guilty for sitting idle.

The song continues by repeating the above stanzas and thoughts, finally ending with the repeated sentiment, “Don’t think you will forgive you,” emphasizing this idea for listeners.

The music video shows several young people driving cars, spray painting public property, mooning the camera, riding skateboards, making out, and partying. One of the couples in the movie is lesbian. These activities suggest a young, carefree, and devil-may-care attitude toward life and established rules and conservative society. While the lyrics of the song comment on the writers’ relationship to God, the video comments on the creators’ relationship to society.

The questions we’re left with after listening to this song are many. And not all of the answers are given, but, based on the song, we can make a few educated guesses.

Do Hadida and Cotto believe God exists?

I can’t remember where, but I read on the internet that this song is particularly written to an “absent” god. It seems to be an argument or complaint that they can leverage at God “in case He should happen to show up.” When they say, “Don’t think you will forgive you,” they almost seem to be conditioning it with “if you happen to be real.” This, on one level then, is their argument for why they don’t follow Him.

Lilly Wood & the Prick, photo 1If not, then why are they singing to Him?

They’re trying to make a point, and they’re providing justification for why they don’t follow Him. If He should happen to be real and demand an accounting for their actions, they can point back at this song/argument as an explanation for why they did what they did.

Are they making a point to those who believe in God? (I.e. Are they attacking Christians or Jews? Should Christians or Jew feel threatened?)

I don’t think this is directed at those who do believe in God. It seems to be more self-exploration. Though it certainly could serve as a warning against those who may try to convince them of God’s existence or goodness, I wouldn’t wholeheartedly agree that Hadida and Cotto are trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m not 100% sure they care that much.

What do they hope to accomplish?

I don’t think they’re trying to accomplish anything other than making a statement and expressing themselves. In an interview with concerning all of their song lyrics, Hadida says, “We are trying to deal with our upcoming adulthood, and where we stand, I think we are a very confused generation.” The band members seem to be trying to explain their stance to themselves; artists are well known for making that exploration available to the public.

What do you think of “Prayer in C” by Lilly Wood & the Prick? Do you agree or how do you respond to the argument they leverage against God? 

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  • Noneya

    I really like this song ragardless of the message honestly.I am actually Christian and I think this is a really good song.I am someone who accepts others beliefs and sometimes I could agree with them.I listen to a lot of punk bands who bash religion and even God like all the time cause that’s what punk is and I’m totally ok with that.I feel that people shouldn’t make a big deal of a meaning of a song .and I feel that if you really like a song don’t just switch to hating it just because the lyrics may go against you or it offends you or something like that.if you truly like it dont be afraid to continue to likening it.i admit sometimes I get a little offended by certain songs and their lyrics but I learn to be accept it and be ok with it because I understand that not everyone have the same beliefs and/or religion about God or whatever.but if you truly don’t want to listen to it,that’s fine to.just remember to not be afraid to listen to new music that may disagree with you.That is all 🙂

    • Wise words, “Noneya.” Thanks for sharing. I definitely like the sound of this song and enjoy it too. It’s very catchy and very interesting. I’d probably disagree with you in saying that “people shouldn’t make a big deal of a meaning of a song.” I think it’s hugely important to understand what songs mean and what that tells us about the writers’ beliefs. It’s also super interesting. What other bands do you listen to?

      • Tyler

        Clifford, I am God. Noneya has been sent to hell for not following my word. But being the creator of everything, I can offer you this: She enjoyed The Spin Doctors and Beck.

        • God, you certainly are all-knowing. In what specific way was Noneya disobedient?

    • Kitty

      Noneya, then it shouldn’t bother you if someone writes a song “bashing” your parents, friends, husband, or children like those songs bash God. Christians should love God more than anyone else. If it doesn’t bother you to hear that then maybe you should reconsider your faith. People behave what they believe, do you love music more than God? It is important for Christians to remember the big picture. God is holy and a perfect judge. Our pain here are only consequences. God gave us freewill and He has honored that even though it breaks His heart to see us struggle. A loving father will let his kids face some of the consequences from their choices so they can learn. Christians are here for community to reach out and help. It’s good to have a heart that hurts and can break for people. It is how God can use us. That includes being bothered by song lyrics. I hope that you will bring your music to God and talk to Him about it, and be willing to surrender it to Him if that’s what He wants. I don’t think He wants His children enjoying/listening to music that attacks Him.

    • Anon

      I wish that more people could see it that way. It was nice to read a comment from someone who makes perfect sense. Thank you for your words

  • Hi Clifford,

    You ask the question, “Why sing to a God you don’t believe exists?” and your answer is a valid way of interpreting the intent of the artist. However, I would also point out that something doesn’t need to exist to be a valid object of communication.

    For one thing, for someone who is raised in a religious context (even one that isn’t very fervent), to come to reject that belief as an adult is very different from someone who comes from a totally secular background. It’s like coming to grips with a death. A person from that background may speak to a God they no longer believe exists in the same way that a living person may speak to one who is dead, not because they are trying to have a two way exchange, but because of a felt need to speak and remnants of what once was a relationship.

    • Hey Allison!
      Very true; what you say is also quite valid, and I think both of our conclusions kind of fit together. I think my question was more focused on how you take a communication with a being you don’t believe exists and make that into something that other people can listen in on and make sense of. Maybe my question would be better phrased as “Why publish a song to a God who doesn’t exist?”
      Do you have any experience (first or second-hand) with this difficult decision? You talk with authority and knowledge on the subject. Not to pry; I’m just curious and want to hear more about what it’s like to make such a decision. Feel free to e-mail me at if you’d like to talk more about that. 🙂
      Thanks so much for writing!

  • David

    Lets find out how much these two donate to sick and poor children from the money they made off this song.

    God isn’t absent. God has clearly left instructions for a way of life that would benefit us all. Some people want to go off and do their own thing and live by their rules. But the puppet doesn’t dictate to the puppet master. Or a more nicely way of saying it, a child doesn’t mock and rebel against their parent’s wishes.

    Atheism is illogical, improbable and absurd, the Universe has an Intelligent Designer and we know Him as God as told in the Bible.

    2 Peter 3:3

    “Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts”

    • David, I think you make a lot of good points here. Thanks for sharing. I especially agree with what you say in your second paragraph about God leaving instructions. And in fact, I would say that God did answer people’s prayers in the form of Jesus Christ and an ever continuing opportunity to become more like Christ and leave the “Problem of Pain,” as C. S. Lewis refers to it, behind.

    • Jason

      Great message David.

      The “last days” are those that are experienced in a “self” when it brings itself to cataclysmic despair.

      As John states in the Book of Revelation, the Angel of Jesus advised that if a person seeks to perpetuate any of its behaviors, so be it.

      Revelation 22:11 – Let the evil doer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.

      With this in “mind”, and knowing that the knowledge of the “Holy One” is simply Insight and that the great teacher (Adonai) Jesus himself teaches us to “Judge not”, it is simply by remaining vigilant ourselves, that we allow all things to be as they are, and set an example that inspires the “sinners” (the root of this word is a Hebrew archery term that simply means “missing the mark”) to want to know the word knowledge of Christ.

      It is when a “mind” actually has it’s “Ah-ha” moment with Christ’s teachings, that the marriage of the Spirit occurs and a person achieves communion with the Father in a “felt” and knowable fashion.

      Enlightenment and conscious presence are more than just “words”….they can be a reality.

      If i could make a noise to explain the whole bible it would be Ommmmmm


      Simple and cuts out the “white noise”….

      Beyond “religion” is the TRUTH.

      • Jason, I may not agree with everything you say but the fact that you took out so much of your time to talk with us about this song is impressive and appreciated. Keep caring, man.

  • Sarah

    We can ask each of these questions to ourselves, as humans, rather than to God. Would we forgive ourselves, standing on Judgement Day? Of course, life is a most difficult test – but the truth is, there is evil in this world just as there is good. It’s our personal responsibility to choose the right side, and still believe when things seemingly go wrong.

    • That’s a really good point. None of us do the things we’re expecting God to do in this song. How do you feel about the message it’s sending to God then? Or do you believe in God?

    • Jason

      One word…


    • Lana

      The first time I heard this song my thought was that the author was speaking for those hurt and lost that received no help. That this was a message to the world saying “when all these bad thing in the were happening, you stood by watched and did nothing.” “Will others forgive those who did nothing?” “When you get old and gray haired will you ever forgive yourself for just watching?” But I will not stand around and watch, “the world is slowly dying I’m not wasting no more time.”
      Because I like the song so much I decided to read what the author of the song was actually saying and was surprised. Not because they were bashing God, this is very common in today’s world, but because people often point finger and find someone or something to blame other then themselves and for once I thought there was an artist out there brave enough to challenge people to become better. I was wrong 🙁
      I like this song, but disappointed that the artist wasted there talent on pointing fingers instead of inspiring other not to waist time and to reach out to those in need of help.

  • Amanda

    It’s a sad sounding song, and it sounds like the truth about how Why God would create this world with so much pain suffering and unfair treatment, make us go through it without knowing the real truth in a world of so many realities, and cause more death and uncertainty on the earth and kill everyone then if we weren’t perfect we go to hell to suffer eternally in worse ways? Ugh. I used to KNOW.

    • The existence of evil and pain are terrible. I was telling my class this morning that life tends to be more bad than it is good. But I think God has a purpose and that He does exist. What do you mean you used to know?

      • Jason

        “Evil” and “Pain” are words used to convey the unwanted reality of adverse life expression. Our biological response to these experiences is felt in the body and is the response of “threat analysis”.

        It is a natural part of life and is “of God”. It is how the mind seeks to create a “right” Spirit within itself.

        If you wash your robes (that is adjust your actions in this world), evil and pain diminish and your sense perception is filled with blessings.


        Ask the RIGHT questions.

        Seek the RIGHT inputs (this would be sense perception and Knowledge).

        Knock on the RIGHT doors.

        What is RIGHT?

        Great question. The answer would be dependent on your ecology and your culture.

        There is a “purpose” Clifford and it is known and knowable… Maybe read revelation 22:14 and then connect that with John 14:1-7….and if you need a reason, the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5:2-11) gives you and understanding of “why” we seek anything so far as a solution to our “pain”…


        What is Grace and therein, what transforms / transmutes unease…?

        Eastern wisdom teaches “yield to overcome” and “use an opponents force against them”..

        Evil and pain only exist because mankind hasn’t enough Grace to teach “the word” properly and thereby “draw” peoples minds into wanting to KNOW Christ and the true POWER behind his words…

        What is honey? Say’s the man that’s never tasted it….

        What is freedom from mental enslavement?????? How would you know if you haven’t “tasted it”?


  • Jason

    Irrespective of one’s “beliefs”, every input stimuli that a “mind” experiences in this world goes somewhere. It is through this ethereal journey that the “point of focus” ascends that we may BE with “The Father”.

    Consciousness is the gift, a removal of fear and in in it’s place the grace of Lord Jesus the promise.

    Words are merely signposts to a thought. Follow them and see where you “wind up”….

    I’ll guarantee you that even if you travel to the farthest reaches of the Universe, you’re only going to be able to come back an express yourself in one place. Here and Now.

    Eternal Life is simply conscious expression and an ability to “ascend that you may descend”…

    The “walk” is every human beings responsibility.

    “Prayer in C”, whilst a “pretty little ditty”, is nothing more than the ramblings of some clearly ignorant and “young” impetuous Spirits.

    Sitting back and “throwing bombs” (lyrically speaking), does nothing to transform this world.

    Awake O Sleeper and BE the difference.

    People that KNOW the attributes of God, KNOW his presence. Jesus defined God as simply being Spirit and Truth (John 4:24). We are but “One Spirit”, separated by many “minds, expressing ourselves globally. As this conscious expression continues to evolve, our societies gain access to more knowledge and our “hearts” become tuned towards being “connected”.

    We are the difference, it is through us, his creation (and I speak of “word knowledge and perception), that Gods majesty transforms the world.

    Great response with reference to Davids contribution Clifford, C. S. Lewis was a genius (word smith that is)..


    • Jens Lumbye

      Every man spends most of his life in pursue of happiness. But most of us go in the wrong direction. We think happiness is out there somewhere, waiting for us. But it is not to be found in the outside world. It is within us, but we are sadly unaware of our innermost treasure. When we stop identifying ourselves with our body, our emotions and our thoughts, we will, if we seek hard enough within, find the true origin of our nature. Which is happinness and ever abiding bliss. The obstacle that has to be removed is our ignorance about our true nature, who we are.
      ‘I searched for God and found only myself. I searched for myself and found only God.’ -Rumi
      A Seeker

      • Jason

        Well written.

        “The more we depend on forces outside ourselves, the more we are dominated by them.” ~ Harold Sherman

        Thanks Jens, and thanks again Clifford for your “forum” and Professorship.


  • Justice

    If anyone wants anything they must seek therefore they shall find. This isn’t a question of whether who knows what or what others say. The truth is waiting for those who seek it genuinely and with there whole heart not via words that fall from the lips of men.


    • Jason

      The TRUTH is that there is no “end.”
      Life can only be expressed, in all of its forms and nature (whether of beast or Spirit).

      The “WORD” is the only TRUTH, and the man, Jesus, was clear in His delivery.

  • Denise

    Well, as I listen to this catchy song and pay attention to its lyrics, I understand it is about another god: capitalism. It is destroying the world by making sure there is lack of meaning and lack of alternatives among people, specially youngsters. While young people mooning and partying just seem not to care and build the future of the planet, capitalism prevails.

    • Interesting perspective, Denise. I hadn’t heard that yet.

  • Sara

    Its nice to know what the lyrics mean to them but I interpret it in a completely different way.
    That’s the beautiful thing about music, its subjective. Everyone can interpret it in a different way.
    My experience and background translates into a song differently than someone else.
    Each verse doesn’t necessarily need to be directed toward the same person
    I direct each verse to someone/something different.
    First about a lover who hasn’t kept their promise, then about those who have started wars unjustly, etc.

    • Interesting, and you’re right that that’s what it means for you. My focus here is getting as close as possible to what the writer intended it to be. Like the author C. S. Lewis says in one of his books, we shouldn’t ignore the author’s intended meaning or the one we get–twice as many meanings means twice as much learning and beauty.

  • Very nice analysis, I came to a similar lyrical conclusion,however, the song is not in the key of C, it’s in the relative minor (A minor) and thus I can’t seem to figure out the title. What did you hear that initially made you think the song was in C? Wondering if I’m missing something here.

    • Oh, I thought the fact that “in C” was in the title meant that it was in C. Despite liking lyrical analyses, I’m not a very good musician.

  • Vic Karssen

    I see the song as a sweet lament for the desperation that we realize when attempting to make sense of the greatest atrocities of humanity.

    They hurt for the stench of suffering.
    They acknowledge God.
    They don’t understand.
    Who does? Fully. Every day.

    I believe our fallenness is our only way to a loving tenderness with God, since having our will means we can choose to love or not love God. The only real and beautiful love is given, not pre-fixed or ordered. You cannot achieve having someone with no will ‘love’ you. That is not love. It is nothing.

    ‘Perfection’ or the lack of evil in this world would translate into God overseeing a land of Stepford people – because the only perfection means God has written it all out – every day – that would mean we have no will – no choice – no say – no anything. There’s no in between. We either have a say or we don’t. And others have say or don’t.

    And it hurts to see the stench of suffering.
    And I see you God.
    And I don’t want to understand.
    I just want love to prevail.


    • Wow, beautiful sentiments. Thanks for sharing. I feel what you feel.

  • Carla

    Maybe, instead of saying that God has never sent us a letter, we should open up the Bible and do a good research. We will find astonishing and very satisfying answers to life’s and the world situation, and to know that actually God has purposed and promised to soon remove all evil and bring paradise on earth! Lets have insight and put an effort too look beyond appearance.

  • Jason

    “C” and “C++” are linguistic terms.

    Sheep are programmed.

    Prayer is WORD that provides signpost to thought, thought allows for “WAY” making, “WAY” making enables us to “ARRIVE”

    Prayer in “C” is many things…

    Wherever you “ARRIVE at” as you follow their “lyrics” is your CHOICE.

    If you want to know GOD, eat the SCROLL…

    This “SONG” keeps one in drift..

    Marcus Aurelius suggests that “those in drift” are those one should be CAUTIOUS of.


  • I object. Capitalism, while it seems terrible, is actually not an issue. It provides a meritocracy, where you must work for success. Socialism is selfish, i.e. “I exist, therefore I deserve.”

    • “Meritocracy”

      Nice one..

      ⚡️GET BACK⚡️


    • Side subject: isn’t it at least kind of depressing to you that you have to work to be worth something? As a Christian, I believe, “God assigns me value. Therefore, I am valuable.” And it takes a lot of the pressure off.

  • Brandon

    Just listened to this song today and thought some of the lyrics sounded quite interesting and wanted to get the full picture for myself; especially after watching the music video. I am actually a missionary and I find it quite fascinating the place where these lyrics actually come from. They come directly from the heart of our writer here. They represent deep beliefs, and valid struggles, hours of thought, and so many pains in the present world. It’s truly incredible! If you think about it this song is so deep and so raw. While the beats are well orchestrated and the singer’s voice is melodic its not the beat or musical talent that is drawing you its actually the power of vulnerability and honesty put on display for you to experience and connect with. Our artist is pouring their heart out here all aimed at “Yah” or Yahweh! This leads me to two points that I honestly believe Jesus was telling me about as I read this article as well as some of your alls comments over the past year.

    First off, artistic expression isn’t as sharp and pointed as the world often uses it to be. Often times, Id say more often then not, an artist is truly and sincerely expressing themselves to the world without a filter. This is where most of the artists that have been famous for hundreds of years or those who are even popular in modern culture fall. Why? Because of the power of vulnerability goes far beyond ourselves. It extends to all those around us and powerfully penetrates them but it does so much more than that. True vulnerability and honesty helps us to arrive at a place where we look at ourselves and the world around us soberly. If we do this it always brings us back to our Creator and we find ourselves in the middle of a cosmic conversation that has been taking place long before we existed. That is all that has been done here. I thought to myself as I read this, “Dang it! It is being negative towards the one that I love and know to be innocent of all of His acquisitions here.” He responded to me simply saying this, “Why does this make you unhappy? Why is it bad? I have no problem with it. They are having a conversation with me. I am being acknowledged here.” And I saw this huge smile on His face and I realized what He was saying here. We seeing things in artistic expression and we make two catergories. 1) Expression that loves Jesus 2) Expression that hates Him. Jesus never drew a line in who He was going to die for so He just gave His life to pay for all the sins of everyone that ever was, is, or will be in the world. Trading everyone our life for His. This is not an expression of music that screams, “We hate God!” It is actually an invitation. It is actually an open ended conversation because He has been speaking with this artist long before this song ever made its way to the web or our ears. This song expresses serious and legitimate frustrations with the world around and like Job those frustrations are voiced and it leads to a much deeper and meaningful talk that brings the relationship to a deeper level than could have ever been achieved any other way. Job’s story, one of immense pain and loss, is reconciled exponentially where the page turns its last.

    Second, relationships involve communication. Good communication, bad communication, hateful communication, whispering sweet nothings, screaming at the top of your lungs, and even at times no words at all. The only kind of bad communication from a heart that is being honest is no communication at all. The concept of worship is a deep connection that occurs between creation and its creator but in our case, the human case, it is far more complex and wonderful. Our worship is the place of relationship with our God and Savior Jesus. Its choosing Him day in and day out remembering what He did for us and living from the place of relationship with Him. While the majority would look at this and say, “you are crazy! This isn’t worship to God!” I would say respectfully that they are wrong only because their perspective here is limited to what they only allow themselves to comprehend. They comprehend an egotistical and maniacal tyrant ruler that demands at all times the most up beat and blind facadical (just found out I made this word up!) followers to continue to stroke His ego and tell Him how “mighty” He is! HAHAHAH! Yeah right man! Not my God! He is amazing! Everyone loves Him and wants a King like Him! If you don’t want Him it’s because the one you met just wasn’t Him! I read these lyrics, listen to this song, and see the heart of the artist here and say , “COME ON!!” Because they are getting it! They are starting something that they have no idea what they are getting themselves into! They are investing in a conversation that is far from over! Dialogue is what Jesus is into; trust me! HAHA! This is far from over and I think He is all giddy inside because even though we look at it and condemn and say “negative” and “hateful” He says,”Finally! They are getting it! They are responding to Me!” After all Jesus found me in as a suicidal drug addict getting high in a chicken coop the first time He spoke to me! And to make it better I was an aetheist who was absolutely convinced Jesus was a load of crap throw into a book slapped with a leather cover and making fun of my parents who were making all their decisions based on some imaginary friend! HAHA! This is one of the greatest expressions of worship I have ever experienced! Would I sing this is a church setting? OF COURSE NOT! But I don’t say the “w” word so that we can fit it into our modern ideals of what it is “supposed” to look like! I see a bleeding heart struggling with the depravity of the world around and looking for some sort of justice. In other words they are hurt by seeing the lack of His character in the world around and are looking to find some way to establish “justice”, which is His character as our Judge, and reconcile this in their own hearts.I hear more questions here than anything else and it excites me for the answers they are going to receive in return!

    Thanks guys for taking the time to read my whole long rant! I know super long! My supporter updates get even longer seriously! If you are interested in another “secular” example of honest expression from an artist that fits the above categories check out this song– David Bazan- In Stiches

  • bogdan

    its astonishing to see very complicated level of english there. Grammar, difficult words – it’s all very beautiful to read
    I have enjoyed this comments as the aricle. Guys i like you)))

  • Perfect, you really put it down and it makes do much sense. Why I’m here, well I heard it playing and the lyrics caught me by surprise, which it should not be one. But it right away revealed it as throwing shade at God.. which makes believe we are in those times or era, of disobedience where God and our faith gets questioned and challenged. All I know is that I had to research this song and am I glad and blessed God put me here. I needed to hear positives and not negatives and this puts hope in my life, as it fits perfectly to my faith. Thank you.

  • So much ***

  • Mayank

    Nice interpretation. More or less similar to what I thought it could be. A cent percent agreement.
    Do you know, though, where the video is shot? The city specifically, It gives me nostalgia.

  • Yahweh

    I don’t see why it can’t be applied to Islam as well.

  • Brandon

    In Islam they believe in Allah and in Christianity we believe in Yahweh. Most Muslims would tell you that they are the same God but they are actually completely different if you compare both texts of the respective faiths. For instance, the Quran actually says that Allah can lie and one of his name is actually “The Deciever.” You will find this no where in the scriptures of the Bible. In fact, you would find the opposite. One of several places exposing that each book is talking about two very specific entities.

    • Balqis Ayesh

      damn who said that Allah can lie!!!! from where u got this idea! it’s totally wrong! Quran never said such a thing! i’m a Muslim BTW and i hate to be defensive but what you are saying is WRONG!

  • Rashy

    I don’t think anyone should be questioning anyone’s else beliefs in God Kitty. You should be happy that she is not offended-she knows who her God is and doesn’t feel threatened when others express there opinion in a catchy song-if you don’t feel comfortable with it that’s you not anyone else.

  • egurelli

    Well I have listened this song, suspected about content and I see I wasn’t wrong, song lyrics are completely wrong…

    I’m a believer and trying to be a Muslim.

    In English; using term “God” misguide people.

    Why? If you read The Holy Quran you will see ALLAH.

    Arabic and English have similarity in grammar. “The” word in English marks “uniqueness”, some same as in Arabic like “el, es, ed” just word changing due letters in words, all points same thing.

    Arabic : ilah -> English : god
    Arabic : الله ALLAH = EL ILAH -> English : THE GOD

    this is the proper translation.

    THE GOD exists and the only one, there are no other gods.

    Islam, Christianity, Judaism all sent by THE GOD. All messengers are sent by ALLAH are equal to us.

    Without reading The Holy Quran, you can’t learn about THE GOD.

    The Holy Quran 7:180

    And to ALLAH belong the best names, so invoke Him by them. And leave [the company of] those who practice deviation concerning His names. They will be recompensed for what they have been doing.

    The Holy Quran 2:168

    O mankind, eat from whatever is on earth [that is] lawful and good and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.

    The Holy Quran 2:169

    He only orders you to evil and immorality and to say about ALLAH what you do not know.

    The Holy Quran 11:18

    And who is more unjust than he who invents a lie about ALLAH ? Those will be presented before their Lord, and the witnesses will say, “These are the ones who lied against their Lord.” Unquestionably, the curse of ALLAH is upon the wrongdoers.

    The Holy Quran 6:59

    And with HİM are the keys of the unseen; none knows them except HİM. And HE knows what is on the land and in the sea. Not a leaf falls but that HE knows it. And no grain is there within the darknesses of the earth and no moist or dry [thing] but that it is [written] in a clear record.

    The Holy Quran 42:30

    And whatever strikes you of disaster – it is for what your hands have earned; but HE pardons much.


    ALLAH is the most merciful.

    I suggest all who reading this comment, believe ALLAH and read The Holy Quran.