[Editorial comment: Since beginning writing these posts, my mantra has been that pop songs will ALWAYS surprise you by being deeper than you expected. With Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer,” I thought for sure I had found one that the rule didn’t apply to. Surprise, surprise: I was wrong. Whether you enjoy the song or no, you will be interested by the ideas presented to pop music listeners.]

[Another editorial comment: “Cool for the Summer” contains allusions and ideas that younger children may be better off not coming into contact with. It may be a good idea for those under 16 to ask parents to review this post before reading it themselves. In addition, I do not agree with what Lovato is proposing here, but I do not explain why because the purpose of this post is to explain; I write posts at other times in which the purpose is to convince. If you wish to dialogue further about this, please e-mail me at jugglingcliff@gmail.com.]

Demi Lovato is a 22 year-old former Disney Pop Princess who launched a pop career that’s found special success among the club/dance crowd; her followers call themselves “Lovatics.” Beginning her career on Barney & Friends, Lovato moved on to Camp Rock in 2008 and finally was the star in Sonny with a Chance. After Disney, she focused primarily on her musical career. She entered rehab in 2010 following a litany of problems including alcohol abuse, cocaine use, assault, and bulimia. According to Wikipedia, Lovato describes herself as a Christian and advocates heavily for gay rights.

Music critics have complimented “Cool for the Summer” for Demi Lovato’s “understated on point vocal performance,” “strong electric guitar fueled chorus,” and “lyrical embrace of a post marriage equality world.” The song is technically well put together, thanks in part to Lovato’s co-writers Max Martin, Ali Payami, Alexander Erik Kronlund and Savan Kotecha. In “Cool for the Summer,” these four and Lovato have put together a pop dance anthem that (though deployed late in the summer) has the chance to seriously upset the Billboard top 40 before fall begins on September 23rd (though it will very likely still be listened to after that).

“The Meaning”

The Main Idea: This song, like Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” is about a woman who is interested in homosexual relations with another woman.

Demi Lovato Screenshot 1 - Clifford Stumme“Cool for the Summer” is Lovato wondering what it would be like to be sexually involved with a fellow woman. Bill Lamb at top40.com says, “Demi Lovato has made no secret of her strong support of the LGBT community, and in a nation where marriage equality is now the law of the land, she has released a pop anthem reflecting the new reality.” In fact, the case can be made that Lovato is actually building on what Katy Perry’s song began.

In Verse 1, Demi Lovato sings, “Tell me what you want / What you like / It’s okay / I’m a little curious too.” She appears to be talking to another female and trying to convince her that homosexaul experimentation will be all right. She wants to know what the other woman wants to feel and assures her that curiosity is normal.

Progressing the situation, she sings, “Tell me if it’s wrong / If it’s right / I don’t care.” Lovato seems to be winking at the usual morality-centered meanings of “right” and “wrong” while really intending her friend to consider what feels good and what feels bad physically. If the friend doesn’t like what Lovato does, Lovato assures her that “I don’t care”; they’ll try something else.

Demi Lovato Screenshot 3 - Clifford StummeDespite wanting to do this, they are afraid of what others will think if they are found out, and Lovato sings, “I can keep a secret. Can you?” Of course, because Lovato is singing about the encounter, the secret is officially out; thus, that secret isn’t what mattered. Rather, Lovato simply wanted to build tension and suspense while developing the personalities of the women involved.

In the pre-chorus of “Cool for the Summer,” Lovato sings about her desire for this other woman, trying to explain why she wants to do what she wants to do. She sings, “Got my mind on your body / And your body on my mind.” She can’t stop thinking about the other woman’s body.

What really shows listeners (who may be doubting at this point) that the song is about another woman, is the pre-chorus’s third and fourth lines: “Got a taste for the cherry / I just need to take a bite.” According to Genius.com, the word (apart from its regular meaning in such a context)  could also be a shoutout to the “cherry chapstick” mentioned in Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” or to a woman’s virginity in general, all options pointing at homosexual relations.

Demi Lovato - For the CherryLovato warns her friend, “Don’t tell your mother.” Part of being “cool for the summer,” as Lovato sings three lines later, is not letting anyone else know (including parents)  and letting the entire relationship drop when the two return to normal life at the end of what will have been a wild summer fling.

Lovato tells her friend, “Kiss one another / Die for each other.” However far they plan to go, Lovato and her friend are experimenting both with affection and sex.

Demi Lovato Screenshot 2 - Clifford StummeOf course, at the end of their experiment, they’re “cool for the summer.” No long-lasting emotional bond will be forged. When the summer is over, they will return to wherever they came.

In “Cool for the Summer’s” chorus, Lovato sings, “Take me down into your paradise,” which could be a reference to deeper intimacy. She sings, “Don’t be scared ’cause I’m your body type / Just something that we wanna try.” Lovato tries to make the encounter seem less “ground-breaking” by suggesting that this will not be a longterm preference–just something to try.

In Verse 2, Lovato asks the other woman to “[t]ell me if I won,” which could be a reference to convincing the other woman to enjoy the experience. Whatever the case, Lovato seems to be the sexual aggressor here. She’s trying to achieve a goal while the other woman is far more passive. Considering whether she was successful or not, Lovato asks, “If I did / What’s my prize?” which could be a reference to the other woman returning the favor.

Cool for the Summer - LovatoLovato sings, “I just wanna play with you, too / Even if they judge / F**k it / I’ll do the time / I just wanna have some fun with you.” Lovato believes that this experience is innocent and that she now doesn’t even care what people think. She desires this women (or homosexual experimentation) enough to disregard other people’s opinions of herself.

“Cool for the Summer” is not direct support for homosexual relationships; it’s Demi Lovato’s admitting to her own curiosity about other women’s bodies and thus her argument for the legitimizing of such relations. In the end, Demi Lovato declares that she doesn’t care what others think and won’t let them get between her and something she wants, no matter what that may be.

What do you think of “Cool for the Summer” by Demi Lovato? Do you think she’s advocating something concerning homosexuality or do you think this is just self-confession? Is what she’s doing right or wrong? I’d like to hear what you think, either in the comments below, on Twitter, or on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow! More pop song explanations to come! 🙂

  • Disgusting. This world is messed up.

    • Anonymous

      Since you came into it.

    • This world certainly has problems. Thanks for commenting, friend.

    • Anonymous

      Well, f**k you

      • Sorry for the edit. Trying to keep this place somewhat clean for kids. Nothing against you. Care to explain your thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree. It’s disgusting. Don’t get me wrong I love Demi and all, but it’s actually disturbing. And FYI whoever put “since you came into it”, good job trying to accept everyone for who they are, you’re doing a wonderful job!

    • Rose

      Thanks glad your showing how mucheap you love others cause
      2 out of 10 people expire mentioned with LGBT

    • Steve

      I completely agree with you. I used to watch Demi on Disney Channel and she was awesome. Why did she, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift have to change? Not just into this category, but others too.

  • Anonymous

    It’s 2015, get with the program.

    • A statement that begs even more analysis, explanation, and questions than the original song.

  • Jia

    I thunk it is cute for some reason

    • How so? Please explain.

      • Harmonasia

        Clever article, sir. You explain things well.

  • Anonymous


  • JoFu

    Before reading your interpretation I had a different take on the Song. It sounded to me like a teacher seducing an underage person (being it either female or male), “don’t tell your mother” because it is illegal. “Die for each other” a pact to keep it a secret no matter what. Cool for the Summer would be during the summer break. “Cherry” could also be interpreted as either a male or females first sexual experience.

    • Interesting. What do you think now?

      • Lissa Lea

        I agree that the song sounds like an adult trying to seduce an underage person. This song could be the anthem for Kaitlyn Hunt. No matter your gender, or your gender preference, jail-bait is jail-bait. but the lyrics to this song seem to be endorse such behavior.

        • There’s at least a small hint of that.

          • Josh Pettitt

            Can’t forget about “F**k it I’ll do the time” That points towards the teacher child relationship more

            • More than a little, but Demi’s not a teacher, right?

              • Lissa Lea

                Even if not a teacher, those over the age of majority who are sexually involved with those under the age of majority may also be subject to “doing time.”

        • Lyn

          This is what I thought too and what I have heard others say. And the “don’t tell your mother” has been a big hint toward that, and I’ve read people in a uproar mentioning this line seems to be about some type of sexual abuse situation urging a child or underage person to not tell their parents when someone touches them or wants them to do something. Referring to the cherry is another indicator of this, virginity, young inexperienced. Because I’ve always thought that is what this song is about, I absolutely hate this song and won’t allow it in my home or my kids to listen to it and change the channel whenever it comes on and refuse to listen to any more of Demi’s music if that is what this is about.

          • Thanks for sharing. It is pretty heavy stuff and definitely needs to be taken seriously.

  • Elizabeth

    I love this song. Lil babies today are so lucky because when I was a bit younger “Cool for the Summer” was the bicurious anthem we needed but instead we got “I Kissed a Girl” which is way lower quality and problematic. This song has made me like Demi Lovato.

    • Interesting. I’m not a fan of this song–only wanted to study. I would say that it’s better quality than “I Kissed a Girl” but the message, while touching on something that many people feel, is, I think, dangerous.

    • Rose


  • Nice job. Thumbs up for Demi.

  • Lovatic For Life


  • doverlin

    I jUst get creeped out when it says “don’t tell your mother” it’s like pedophiles

    • It is creepy. I agree very much.

    • Lyn

      I agree. If it were about another woman, that line wouldn’t make sense. It’s about an underage encounter. Very sick.

  • I think is a matter of sexual curiosity of two people of the same sex. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female. This song is equal interpretation for both. It could start by a good friendship and leads to one of them having feelings for the other. “Cool for the Summer” is a great interpretation for gay or bisexual curiosity. In the end, everybody is free to choose what they want, we don’t have the rigth to offense them and we can’t be offended by them. Respect fot others rights, is peace.

    • I agree that the ideas here could apply to both genders, but I think the reference to “cherry” makes it be about a girl’s perspective.

      I’m not exactly sure what you mean in the last part of your comment. I think the song does clearly explain one way a platonic relationship between two same-gendered people could turn romantic, but we may disagree on the next part. Of course, this is because we begin with two different interpretations of the universe likely. Have you read the Bible and has anyone ever told you about God? If not, I could probably explain why some people feel differently about what you said without being a jerk about it (like others can be at times).

      • Lissa Lea

        “Cherry” is not only used in reference to female virginity. What tends to make it seem like female-female is the line “don’t be scared because i’m your body type”. Also open to interpretation.

        • Fair enough here, Lissa. Thanks. I think both of those together is pretty convincing to me, but, yeah, one may be more so than the other.

  • Candy Candy

    Wtf demi and u were one of my fav really a lez

  • Angie

    I Think she is beautiful woman showing off her feminine sexuality for other woman very well I would love to be with Demi she’s my girl she’s always been my girl and I’m bisexual too so I don’t really care what people say it’s just how us woman feel about other woman.

  • Your probably right, but there’s a possibility it could be about a under aged person. I mean “Don’t tell your mother” isn’t really something you would say to an adult. Maybe she had sex with someone when she was a teenager and not necessarily when she was a lot older. Also if she’s saying don’t tell your mother, I feel like she knows the girl really well, at least we’ll enough to know her mother. If that’s true it would make the whole “cool for the summer” thing less true. Also people forget but demi used to have problems, so there is a pretty good chance she could of had sex with someone she legally wasn’t supposed to. The music video makes me think she did this when she was older, but maybe she just kept it a secret for a while.

    • Good analysis, Terrel. I think you’re onto some good things there–more and more, I want to say the person is underage. So I agree with you there.

      • scrm

        I don’t know that the lyric “don’t tell your mother” indicates that it’s about a minor. I say this because some homosexual individuals are still in the closet, or their families are not accepting of their sexual preference. Therefore it could just mean you don’t have to tell and be scrutinized.

        • Are you positing that Demi Lovato is playing the part of a minor?

  • Lissa Lea

    I’m going to have to disagree with statements that this song is somehow autobiographical. It’s a pop song and not necessarily reflective of the singer’s own experiences. What is most disturbing is that some of the lyrics indicate a desire for a sexual relationship with a minor, which is irresponsible but hardly unique. (Don’t Stand So Close To Me, Young Girl, Stray Cat Blues, etc.)

    • Well, the song is sung as though it is from her perspective, and she IS saying these things to her audience of one, while letting us listen in. But, you’re right, it could also be creative fiction, which would make it less sincere, something I don’t appreciate too much in “art.” Of course, sexual relations with a minor would be much worse. Thanks for all the great comments. You’ve got a handle on this analysis thing.

      • Lissa Lea

        There are five (5) writers who collaborated on the song. Taylor Swift aside, most singers are not singing about their own experiences, wants or desires. As an analogy, is Neil Patrick Harris straight because he played the character of Barney Stinson? Is Billy Crystal gay because he played Jodie, a gay character, on a television show? Did Rihanna really kill a man because she sings about having done so in Man Down? No, of course not. It’s a business…..the business of making money by putting out what sells.

        • Which doesn’t make me like the song anymore–cheapens a medium that’s been the source of so much good art.

          You do make a good point though too.

        • Andie~

          That doesn’t make it right though.
          Either if she’s bi or not, it doesn’t make the song right.

  • I think it’s simply a song about summer flings, that could and does happen with many people, irrespective of their sexual orientation. Only the words, as few of them have mentioned earlier, “cause I’m your body type” gives sexual orientation a prominence.

    Yes, it may sound like a one-way attraction and that she is being aggressive but that is because we are only listening to Demi’s side of feelings. If we hear/read the lyrics properly then it is quite clearly mentioned that her friend is curious as well and all Demi is doing is giving her friend the strength to follow her heart while strongly suggesting Demi’s own desires at the same time. Part of the lyrics stating is as follows “Tell me what you want/ What you like/ It’s okay I’m a little curious, TOO.”

    The author mentions that, “Lovato seems to be winking at the usual morality-centered meanings of “right” and “wrong” while really intending her friend to consider what feels good and what feels bad physically.” (and what’s wrong with that? We all have to see what feels good or bad physically, it is just as important as spiritual and psychological considerations) back to the point, Demi is winking on the part where she says that she is curious too. FYI curiosity is normal, now it depends from person to person as to how strong is their urge to quench their thirst for curiosity (and that includes curiosity of sexual orientation among many other things)

    Now the part about “Don’t tell your mother” may have few interpretations to it which are not necessarily illegitimate :-
    1) There are parents who say that they are cool with various kinds of sexual orientation as long as it is not occurring/happening (I don’t even know what words to use because it just makes it sound like a disease which it is not) in their family. So if they are just in a process of discovering their sexual orientation then it’s better to not give her mother the news about her sexual preferences as yet.
    2) There are times when parents don’t like some of their children’s friend’s because of their personalities (and not their genders) so it could simply mean that “don’t tell your mother that we had a fling even if she does not care about her daughter’s sexual orientation because she is not fond of me as it is and mentioning about our sexual preference will make her dislike me even more”.

    Eventually the parts where she seems (or is made to be seem) as an inconsiderate b***h – “Tell me if it’s wrong / If it’s right / I don’t care.” and “I just wanna play with you, too/ Even if they judge / F**k it / I’ll do the time / I just wanna have some fun, with you.”
    Let’s start with “Tell me if it’s wrong / If it’s right / I don’t care.” Very conveniently a part of this para has not been mentioned and i.e “I can keep a secret, can you?”. Now, when you read the whole stanza from “Tell me if it’s wrong” to “I can keep a secret, can you?” it is quite clear, unless one is willing to bend it for one’s convenience, that she is talking about their intentions to experiment i.e. if what they are intending to do is right or wrong and then decides that it doesn’t matter they’ll simply let it be a secret between two and avoid being judged for their actions. Demi does care about her friend hence the whole song. Because if she didnt care about her friend then Demi didnt have to keep asking her friend frequently, even as a formality, if she did it right, if she is doing anything wrong and if she requires any tips.
    Finally the part “I just wanna play with you, too / Even if they judge / F**k it / I’ll do the time / I just wanna have some fun with you.” Again, it’s a fling and flings are to have fun and she is being extremely direct about how she feels about the relationship they are going to have/had with each other. People still have problems with sexual preferences especially if they are not the conventional, heterosexual, ‘normal’ preferences and in some countries like India it is a criminal act to have sex (even loving but since it is difficult to prove it’s platonic or not they settled for sex) with same-sex person. So basically Demi is saying that f*** all the haters and homophobics (why is it termed under phobia I do not understand, it is clearly plain discrimination like racism, sexism, etc.) I’ll even go to the jail for this but I will not suppress my feelings which is expressed with the partner’s consent.

    I would like to end by saying that we should respect people and their choices. Till the time nobody is genuinely getting harmed we should just relax. And for his/her own sake of Almighty don’t take his/her name to voice out your own disliking and liking. The day he/she would want to state his/her liking and disliking he/she will come, till then follow the basic rule of love, live and laugh (or don’t, but don’t enforce your motto on others).

    Take care, God bless (if you are an atheist then Best wishes) and be happy.

    • Thanks for the thoughts, Pink. You are VERY thorough, and I appreciate the great thought you put into this. My big questions for you would be these:
      1. If it’s not wrong, why are people worried about others finding out?
      2. How is love, live, and laugh a motto? All of those are good things, but I believe firmly that life is a series of choices and important decisions, many of them hard and many of them based on rules of how things work.
      3. I disagree with you on many of these things and don’t consider myself homophobic. What do you say to those who would say that homosexuality (not the preference but the action) is wrong?

      Thanks so much for responding! I can’t wait to hear from you and hope that your day is going very well.


      • Pink

        Hey Clifford,

        You are welcome and my days are going well, thanks.

        First of all I am glad that you are not one of those people who are aggressive in disagreeing with me as I’ve seen in other instances. Before answering I just want you to take heed of the fact that I had to use capitals for certain words, because I wanted to highlight them. Now to answer your inquiries sequentially. My replies will be according to my overall experiences.

        1. In India there are still a lot of people who believe and stand by the fact that people of certain caste and/or class are not allowed to marry or even be involved, romantically and publicly, with people of another caste and/or class because apparently a caste and/or class of a person determines his/her characteristics. If any such instances are found then the people involved are either shunned by their family members and friends (let’s face the truth most of us don’t have the want or the guts to not only be alone but also lonely, wishing for someone to love) or there’s a high possibility that they are killed by power hungry politicians backed up by sycophants and/or people with no backbones and this I am talking about heterosexual relationships. This is the worst case scenario. So you can imagine the fear that people, who are bi-curious or any other preference that is not heterosexual, would feel to express their feelings openly (and Homosexuality being an “unnatural”, criminal act here gives some a**holes to act irrationally, I hope not for long). Just recently a man was killed because he apparently had beef (that is illegal too and therefore people thought that killing a cow is wrong but killing a human being is okay, I hope this too is not for long). So my point here is that expressing your choice, which doesn’t really harm anyone not to the least to the extant that they are killed, is very difficult and dangerous in some places (although not impossible) hence people are scared of other people finding out yet there are people who are getting the courage to fight for rightly expressing what they feel.

        2. You are right “that life is a series of choices and important decisions, many of them hard and many of them based on rules of how things work.” and that’s how I try to make things around me work i.e. by trying to live by my motto. Meaning even my life is not bed of roses but even when I have hard decisions to make I try to follow my intuitions [as intuitions are our sub-conscious mind’s analysis (It’s still a theory but I believe in that theory, that’s another debate)] because I want happiness as the end result and I get that whenever I am able to spread love, live my life and able to laugh with enjoyment (not on the expense of others’ distress). I am not saying I am a ray of sunshine for others but I at least try and not be the reason for other’s unhappiness which includes letting other live the way they want to till the time they are not harming me and others genuinely (by genuinely I mean that some people unfortunately get happiness out of other’s misfortunes) and I don’t support that. Lastly I did mention that we should not enforce our motto/rules/principals on others. So you may not believe in my way of living and I can’t really do anything about that.

        3. A) I don’t know what are the other things you don’t agree upon but again, I can’t do anything about that, right? I mean I had my disagreements with your points in your posts and I voiced it and the same way you don’t agree with my points so I think that’s alright because it’s not necessary that all of us have to agree on the same things, we do need variety in life. As long as we are not asserting our opinions on each other and not being abusive about our disagreements.
        B) As I had mentioned earlier I don’t really like the term phobia for not liking homosexuals/sexuality because it is not fear but disgust/dislike against homosexuality and that’s discrimination. I want to ask one question, what is it about homosexuality that makes people feel so disgusted or even if some people do fear it then what is it about homosexuality, that scares them? So if people have these negative feelings against homosexuality then either it’s homophobia or discrimination (and not a positive one). Well at least that’s what I think as of now.
        C) I would say that just because you may not like it doesn’t make it wrong. It’s like some people may not like the preference and the ‘action’ of S&M that does not make it wrong. I mean if I hate chocolate and you love it or prefer it and act on it i.e. eat it then I can say that I don’t enjoy chocolate but I can’t say that your choice is WRONG just because you are eating something that I would not eat It is not harming me in anyway but if you force me to eat it then that action is wrong rather than the action of you eating something you like, don’t you think?. The same way if the people involved are consenting adults then what is wrong with that. Nobody is FORCING you to act on others’ sexual preference and if they are then THAT action is wrong because it is rape irrespective of your sexual orientation, preference and gender (that’s another discussion). My point is don’t judge a person solely on the basis of anyone’s preference which usually does happen even if we deny it.

        Take care, God bless (if you are an atheist then Best wishes) and be happy.

        • Pink, so glad to hear from you. 🙂

          Sorry my replies will be succinct–I’ve got to lesson plan tonight still.

          1. Fair point. There can be some pretty big consequences in certain cultures. I worry though that Demi Lovato is monopolizing an important issue so she can sell records.
          2. Fair enough.
          3. A. I’d say that there is definite truth and that the one right answer is always better than wrong ideas.
          B. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d say that it’s because it doesn’t seem natural to some. While sex brings pleasure, it has a specific job–binding a husband and wife emotionally and creating children. If a type of sex is between the same gendered partners, it can’t do both of those things. I think people find the unnaturalness odd. That being said, there are A LOT of people who are incredibly rude about it and afraid of it because they don’t understand it in anyway nor want to. Those people cause 80% of the problems and fights that should be talked about and not be treated with disgust.
          C. Good point, but, I think, flawed. There are different levels of decisions. Chocolate is a preference and sexual orientation is much deeper and more important. I do agree that that judging a person solely on basis of their preference is wrong and narrow-minded. That’s why I think it’s okay to disagree with someone on an issue like sexual preference and still be friends with them–there’s so much more to a person’s personality.

          Can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂 ~Cliff

          • Michelle

            I very much wanted to reply directly to the comment thread with Pink and you, Clifford Stumme. It doesn’t seem to be letting me add to that thread though. (I’d like to just pin this here even though Pink won’t see this, Pink YOU ROCK.)

            It’s difficult to put what I want to say nicely.
            Clifford, you need to just admit -flat out- that you are against homosexuality because of the Bible, because of your religion.
            it is as simple as that, yet you try to make it so much more difficult for really no reason. As if to make yourself seem more intelligent.

            You dare say homosexuality is not “natural” yet HUNDREDS of animals of all types and species engage in homosexual acts in –you guessed it, completely NATURAL instances.
            And according to the way you live and believe, these animals were made in the eyes of God himself.. And God does not make mistakes.
            Which I mean, should be said for us too as we are as much “animals” as the rest of the animal kingdom.

            These are the problems with religion, contradictions and hypocritical issues abound and I realize full well that there is absolutely nothing I nor anyone can do to convince you otherwise so you do not have to entertain me with a reply if you do not wish to. (Probably for the best, really.)

            And NO. You can not be friends with a gay person yet “disagree” with the way they live. Please stop; and I base this statement on my own gay friends (and comments from that community) who have openly told me they do not wish to be “friends” with people who can not accept them fully and wholeheartedly. That is just horrible of you.

            I will commend you on not bringing religion into your main article about the song though, that was very professional. Can’t say the same about your comments below.

            • Michelle

              Apologies for the repost, looks like my comment did attach to the thread I was hoping for (and now I can not edit it hahah.)

            • Michelle, thanks so much for the comment. There are some things I agree with–some I don’t.
              1. According to my faith, homosexual actions are wrong, yes. I didn’t bring it out directly because statements like that tend to not lead to open discussion.
              2. God doesn’t make mistakes, but man does. Genesis tells the story of how sin entered the world. I’d be interested in learning more about animals engaging in homosexual behavior if you have a resource you could share. I admit that’s a weak argument, even from my perspective since if you were going to convince me from the fact that animals do it, you’d have to overcome the Christian idea that humans and animals are fundamentally different.
              3. This is one point I strongly disagree with you. I certainly can be friends with someone and disagree with them. If we weren’t able to be friends with people who we disagreed with about important issues, civilization, community, society, etc. wouldn’t be possible. Your friends and comments may say otherwise, but you can’t logically assume that’s representative of the entire community–that’d be generalization.
              Thanks for your detailed comment and for reading.

  • ara

    I think I’ll just take this song as a secret love song between a guy and a girl.. since it didn’t mention the gender as he or she .. haha

    • “I’m your body type” and “cherry” as sung by a girl seem pretty conclusive to me.

  • Andie~

    The world is such an evil place.
    But no man demon or even the devil can hurt us with GOD on our side ^-^

  • Camila

    hi clifford! i don’t get why it’s so wrong for a woman to express her desire for other woman in a song. i mean, is it hurting anyone? if the feeling is mutual, it’s as valuable as any other form of love. when i see people saying that homosexuality is “unnatural, disgusting, wrong” i always think of the time when a black man couldn’t marry a white woman (and vice versa). back then, people would say things like “it’s not right!” too. but afterall people realized that we’re all humans and free to love who we want to. so, when someone says this song shows how our world is “fucked up”, i disagree! i think it indicates that we’re overcoming (are we?) a barrier that defines who is “right” for we to love and who is not. and that is a positive thing for sure.

    • Camila, well worded and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing. I understand why my position would seem hurtful and that it may be confusing even for me to explain that I agree people of different races can marry each other but that people of same genders shouldn’t. I don’t think the discussion on the parts of Christians hasn’t been very thoughtfully and carefully undertaken at all times. But the two reasons I stand on in this discussion aren’t meant to hurt others (though I realize people do sometimes feel hurt by them): I believe God created the world and that He explicitly and implicitly mandated that men and women could romantically love each other. He did it explicitly in the Bible, and He implied it in the way He allows humankind to grow and develop. To clarify: I think men and women can love each other, but they shouldn’t do it romantically, and I don’t think it’s wrong to be tempted to be physically attracted to someone of a similar gender; I just think it’s wrong to act on it. I don’t think this barrier is a bad one–I think it’s one of the good ones; it protects us from disobeying God. I’d really like to hear your thoughts and perspective on this. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Emery

    Okay, so, this song is something else. I don’t believe it’s about homosexuality all-in-all. My guess is that it involves a homosexual experience due to the “body type” phrase, but the “I’ll do the time” part makes me very doubtful of this song being between consenting adults. We’re in America, I’m sorry, but Demi simply isn’t referencing the laws and norms of places like India in this song. Whether or not this song comes from a personal perspective, it’s likely that this song has been molded around the culture that it was created to be a part of; the whole pop scene in America is filled with music with this kind of vibe, so I would assume it’s made with modern American culture in mind. Nonetheless, the lyrics definitely do make me think pedophilia is the real intended purpose of this song. Urging your partner in a sexual experience not to tell their mother could certainly come up in the context of two minors engaging in intercourse, no matter what genders and such are involved. However, “f**k it, I’ll do the time, I just wanna have some fun with you” seems to make the perspective obviously very different. It may just be my interpretation, but I’m quite assured that this song is intended to be an adult’s attempt at using a minor’s sexual curiosity for their own sexual gratification.

    • There are several people who would agree with you, and it’s a serious explanation that I’ve got to more fully consider. Thanks for sharing. I think it’d be terrible if you were right, but you may be.

  • Ariel

    Demi Lovato is talking about how her Joe Jonas lost their virginities to eachother. Joe Jonas and his brothers used to wear purity rings. He and Demi dated for a while. They had sex, going against the purity ring which is why she says “don’t tell your mother”. I don’t think she would make a song about sleeping with a minor. The “got a taste for the cherry” refers both of their virginities. She could be saying that he has a taste for her “cherry”. I don’t know. Just another interpretation. The pedophilia thing just seems a little way too off for, I’m not convinced… There could be plenty of reasons to hide something from your mother. Oh and also the “cool for the summer” could refer to their movie Camp rock they started together. Which was about a summer camp and I believe it’s where they met. The “body type” line could also just mean that she’s his body type , as in he’s attracted to her body.

    • Is this a theory or did you have a source that could help? I’d love to know.