Pop Song Professor Clifford Stumme continues his series on the Twenty One Pilots album Vessel with “Migraine.” It’s a deep song, and there’s some really good stuff here. Be sure to listen! And feel free to email Clifford back at jugglingcliff@gmail.com with your thoughts.

  • Miriam Powers

    Hey Clifford, I have just started listening to your podcast’s recently, and really enjoy the ones you do on twenty one pilots.One thing I will say about this song is that Tyler Joseph has said in one interview that I watched that he has suffered/still suffers from seasonal depression, the technical term for which is seasonal affective disorder (or SAD). This means winter weather can affect the way he thinks and his outlook, and it exacerbates his own difficult thoughts.
    When he sings the line “Thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle”, I believe he is referring to how his own environment is something he has to contend with. So when he says “Whether its the weather or the letters by my bed”, he means whether its something outside that he has no control over, or something closer, tangible that he maybe can fight easier, both can make him feel like “death is better that the migraine in my head.” Also in other places he has mentioned how snow can be sad, and sadness helps him write songs.
    Anyway, that’s just my two cents I thought I’d share! The interview where he mentions SAD is on Youtube, if you search for it, its by AP. I really love this band, and I’m glad you are taking the time to look deeper at their work. Keep up the great job!