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You’ve got a product to sell, and you want to reach your audience more directly in a place that they’re already happy to be. I can help you with that.

I now have an average of 6,000-10,000 visitors per day, and I’ve had over 2.5 million visitors since February 2015.

Who are these readers?

  • 63.6% are female.
  • Of those, above age 18, 52% are 18-24 and 25% are 25-34.
  • They tend to like music, movies, TV, celebrity news, and technology.
  • They’re also part of an in-market segment for travel/hotels, dating services, employment, college education, travel tickets, and electronics.
  • 89% speak English
  • 56% are located in the US, 6% in the UK, 4% in Canada. The rest are spread out over 205 countries.
  • 13% are returning visitors.
  • They are fans of Twenty One Pilots, Bastille, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Panic! at the Disco, and pop music in general.

Why do they visit this site?

Many come to find an explanation for a song stuck in their head–usually a song getting a lot of airtime–and many stay for the deeper discussion, my blog posts/podcasts/videos, and the hefty comments left by other visitors.

How do I sponsor one of your blog posts? 

Email me at jugglingcliff@gmail.com, and I’ll help you to get started selling your product to the people you are trying to reach.